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Slaves didn’t know their mothers or birthdays. Assess the impact on their mental well being ? Care of the mother for the child's future character formation, have a decisive role. The slaves don‘t know their mother, so they don’t get good care. Slaves don’t have a sense of identity for self because they don‘t know their birthday. It is easy to hurt them as a person's sense of belonging. Slaves needs their mothers to be their directors. 2. Slavery degraded master and slave. Masters derived pleasure from abusing chattel. How would this behavior contribute to their diminished humanity? 400 years of the slave trade, but estimates of slaves brought to America Africa about 12 million to 30 million. Africa continent …show more content…

Slaves are pleased at that time. 18. Describe Douglass’s life in Baltimore. How was he received in his job there and why? When Frederick came to Baltimore, he thinks this is a new beginning. He went to a new home, has a new owner. Auld wife good for him. He was very surprised, because he had never treated so well. He wants to clean the house and take care of the children Mrs. friendship - Thomas. Auld wife taught him how to read. He was very happy to work hard and study hard. Later, Mr. friendships knew him to learn how to read, he was very angry. Tell Frederick can’t learn, or send him back to the big house. Frederick sad, but he did not give up. 20. What subterfuge did Douglass use to gain his freedom? Describe the drama of his flight. Mr. Auld let Frederick wandering around Baltimore, but they are familiar with the city, so he will know when they need him to do errands. Then save his money. His friends help, disguised as a sailor to escape through the Underground Railroad, and finally break the shackles of slavery. New Bedford and his new wife settled in New England, began a life of ordinary workers. 21. How did the community of New Bedford react to the arrival of Douglass? Could he work in his trade? Explain. He and his new wife, Anna Miao Li, settled in New Bedford, and began a life of ordinary workers. Later, in his excellent manners and social etiquette lecture shattered


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