Ritz Carlton

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Executive Summary
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel (RCH) faces a dilemma, change its seven-day countdown process and succumb to the pressures of Millennium Partners (MP) or maintain the company’s proven strategy and open at a manageable occupancy level. By examining how RCH’s culture, leadership, and service contribute to the essence of the Ritz-Carlton we will show how RCH effectively opens new hotels and continues to operate at a high level.
Essence – RCH is a service company that prides itself on high levels of customer satisfaction. By putting customer satisfaction first, we maintain the Ritz-Carlton Mystique.
Culture – RCH sells an organizational culture dedicated to treating and developing employees as business ladies and gentlemen,
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Self-actualization occurs when the employee’s other needs are satisfied and are continually challenged with their current job.
A good employee plus a good environment equals a good job. Not all ham sandwiches make it into Ritz’s lunchbox. Ensuring the individual is a fit for the Ritz culture, the rigorous and comprehensive pre-employment process selects individuals more inclined to perform.9 Utilizing a communal approach, unfavourable outcomes are viewed as a by-product of an inadequate work environment, not the capable employee.
The seven-day countdown serves as a motivational boot camp, stressing expectations by reflecting company history, philosophy, and values. Immediately providing SMART goals10 through the Gold Standards, employees know what is expected of them. RCH understands the importance of “nourishing the soldier on a daily basis” by providing motivational reinforcement through daily departmental line-ups and the tri-fold card worn in the breast pocket. Daily communication using Service Quality Indicators provides employees and leadership with feedback necessary to maintain and improve the level of service. 9
Leadership – “Ritz-Carlton leaders are responsible for stewarding an icon in the luxury market.” 6 During hotel openings, senior leaders play a


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