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Production Plan For Riordan Manufacturing
Taryn Stewart, Yana Williams, Brynda Mota, Victor Garcia
June 7, 2012
Shannon Mathis- Roberts MA,MBA

Production Plan For Riordan Manufacturing This assignment will center on Riordan Manufacturing, how they increase productivity, and efficiency. Through the next few paragraphs, it will show how improvements are made to Riordan Manufacturing’s current supply chain. It also touches on how Riordan Manufacturing’s supply chain process extends globally. It will also evaluate the different factors that guide strategic capacity planning at Riordan Manufacturing. Finally, it will analyze Riordan Manufacturing’s current application process to making its current production system lean.
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With capacity planning, the process could also be applied with having employees. Managers should evaluate the need of having a certain amount of employees. Management should be able to ask themselves is there a need for fewer employees? From Asae.com (2012), it states, “Why is it that so many strategic planning efforts fail on their promise to bring focus and positive change? The answer can be found in the assumptions behind the process of strategy development. Strategies need to be about increasing capacity rather than achieving particular ends.” By reading the following statement above, Riordan should be able to apply the concepts by realizing that at times strategic planning fails. By having an alternate plan, Riordan would be able to quickly change the course with other strategic ideas. Riordan would be able to determine what the best decision for the business is. With capacity planning, Riordan would be able to determine the maximum point for which the company can be held. Riordan Manufacturing strives to operate to its full capacity as a business and in order for any business to operate to full capacity, marketing, advertisement and introduction of the new product is of importance. What captures the attention of the product is dependent partially on the delivery. When addressing lean production what comes to mind is the methodology that is developed when you began to brainstorm new adventures of a product within a


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