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Abstract The following article follows the case of a German company, Nurnberg Augsburg Maschinenwerke and an order, of buses, from a group of Brazilian authorities dealing with the improvement of the local public transportation. The best and most viable routes are to be decided upon for the delivery of these buses to Santos. A condition was given for 25 buses to be shipped initially.

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The difference this route has compared to Route 1 is waterway transportation is €48 cheaper per bus then rail but it takes 3 days longer.

Cost of waterway (25 Buses): [(21,359/25)-48]*25= €20,150

Route 3 will take 24 days to get to Santos and will cost €174,325.

Before the decision can be made on the specific route to take, other considerations have to be taken into account. Port productivity, waterways versus rail, and shipping complications must also be looked into

Transportation Networks in Germany

The German transportation infrastructure must be analysed as the bulk of the overland journey, to either Hamburg or Rotterdam, is through Germany. With N.A.M working on a tight schedule to deliver the buses within 3 months to Santos, all forms of transportation delays have to be avoided wherever possible. Figure 1 shows the infrastructure distance of the 3 main types of transport networks; railway, waterway and road in Germany in the year 2004.

Figure 2

Source: Planco Consulting & Bundesansalt Gewasserkunde 2007

From Figure 1, it is seen that between railway and waterways, the railway infrastructure still holds the greater majority. During the period of 1991-2004, the total length of the inland waterways with international ties was extended by 340km (Planco Consulting & Bundesansalt Gewasserkunde, 2007). However, the lengths of lower importance waterways were reduced.

The German investment into the


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