Halliburton Management Planning

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Running Head: Halliburton Management Planning

Halliburton Management Planning
Sherita Carter Wk 3 Paper
University of Phoenix
November 11, 2008
MGT 330
Dennis Dwyer

Halliburton Management Planning Halliburton is one of the largest Drilling companies in the world. This company has over 50,000 employees and operates in more then 70 Countries including North America, Central & South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Oceania. Halliburton consists of two company divisions-(1) Drilling and Evaluation and (2) Completion and Protection This paper will go over the various aspects of Management planning within Halliburton.
Planning Function of Management Planning is essential at all levels of the Halliburton
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Strategic Planning The company has implemented many plans including mission, vision and goals but three of them really stand out. “●Extend our historic leadership in well construction, completion and production enhancement ●Strengthen our competitive positions in directional drilling, drill bits, drilling fluids, and wireline and perforating services ●Enhance global competitive strength with meaningful acquisitions that provide a competitive advantage in key market segments and balance our portfolio in terms of geography and product lines” (2007).
Manufacturing is important to the growth of materials needing to be transported over long distances. Four manufacturing facilities were added in areas where business is conducted.
Tactical Planning Amongst the above plans also include, the new global technology center they have opened, and new technology inventions. “Halliburton has over 13,000 patents that are active” (2007). The Real Time system would service a wide network of people around the world with advanced skills, hardware, and software. This was crucial in order to be able to handle the large quantities of data. Real time technology will allow the company to move upstream in creating a new Halliburton. With the new technology the company will be able globally to serve their customer’s better with closer communication. Mergers and acquisitions are very important to the company right now. One is to


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