Qualities and Qualifications for Being a Vet

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Carissa Griffin

Period 6, Composition

Mrs. Craig

26 October 2012


Becoming a veterinarian is an intensive process. To many, it looks easy and exciting. The exciting part I can agree with, unfortunately it’s not a very easy task. To become a veterinarian, you have to meet certain requirements and have certain obligations to complete. It involves schooling, a passion and love for animals, and an enormous amount of hard work. Becoming a veterinarian is my plan for my future.

Before you can even think about being a veterinarian, you have to take some questions about yourself into consideration. The big question is “do you have a passion and love for animals?” If you answer no to this, obviously this isn’t
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She said, “It’s a lot of work and it takes a while to get use to being on your own, but in the end it’s totally worth it” (Griffin, Sara. Personal Interview. 31 Oct. 2012). When I asked about the advantages she replied, “If you love animals, you’ll love your job, and that’s that best advantage that you can look for, of course the money is great, but that’s not why you’ll love it” (Griffin, Sara. Personal Interview. 31 Oct. 2012). When I asked her about the responsibilities of a vet she told me there are many. “A veterinarian is like the head of the clinic, other than the owners of course. They have a ton of responsibilities; Performing surgery, diagnosing diseases or illnesses, euthanizing a pet, which is the hardest one to do, plus more” (Griffin, Sara. Personal Interview. 31 Oct. 2012). In the end I had to get one more question across, I really wanted to know why she wants to become a veterinarian. She said, “I just love animals, I read about other jobs that had to do with them but they just didn’t seem as exciting or challenging, so I picked veterinary medicine as my job” (Griffin, Sara. Personal Interview. 31 Oct. 2012). That answer I could relate to. I had done and thought the same thing. I just think that being a veterinarian changes more things than any other animal related job.

As soon as I started high school, I didn’t know what I wanted to be. I have switch career choices I don’t know how many times in order