Red Cross Essay

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Federico Alcocer
January 18, 2013
Mrs. Rivera
The Red Cross It was during 1919 in Paris after World War 1 had just finished, when the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies was founded (IFRC). The idea of having such a symbol as a Red Cross came from Henry Dunant in 1859. It all started when Dunant witnessed a bloody battle scene in Solferino, Italy. Over 40,000 men laid dead or wounded in the battlefield without any medical help. It was from there and on when Dunant became determined to pass the Geneva Convention, which would eventually become the Red Cross association.

The International Committee to Relief to the Wounded, which would be known as the International Committee of the Red
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These services include Disaster-Response Relief Services, Health and Safety Training and Education, Reconnecting Families across the world due to natural disasters or armed conflicts. Another is Armed Conflict response, and First Aid to all soldiers and citizens in the battlefield. These services consist in such thing as supporting natural disaster victims by giving the clothing, food, and shelter. It also consists in training people in first aid, CPR, swimming and lifeguard training, and other actions in order to help people to act and prevent this way living a happier and safer life.

The AOI, IB, and MYP learner profiles teach us to be caring, empathetic, cooperative, respectful, risk-takers, communicators, thinkers, open-minded, balanced and reflective. These are all attributes that connect to the Red Cross, because you will need all of those skills to help and aid people in harms way. By volunteering and helping people you are being; empathetic, cooperative, risk-taker and many more. The Red Cross Societies are based on principles and by keeping up to those principles we are being balanced, respectful and open-minded. Therefore our participation with the Red Cross and all of its enriching fundamentals are indeed related with the IB and MYP learner profiles. At the end of the day we are not just learning to aid and save lives, we are being illustrated on how to see beyond ourselves and being able to react and


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