Quality at Gillette

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Quality at Gillette Argentina

Shanean Newton

Benedictine University


Flexible and appropriate leadership styles can be learned and are essential in total quality management. Gillette changes in culture and operations in terms of choice, practice and payoff contributed to the overall company’s success. The changing business environment required a new definition of quality that allows managers to approach quality in a way that creates value and economic worth for their employees and the company. In this paper, I will be discussing ODI (Organizational Dynamic Inc), QAT (Quality Action Teams), TQM, Change Management, and Leadership as it relates to Gillette.

1. What principles and
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The strength and quality image of these brands allows the company to charge higher prices and achieve high margins. Market Leadership-The company’s product are well known with a reputation of quality are also market leader in their respective segment. Well Diversified portfolio -Gillette has a well-diversified portfolio in terms of product diversification and market diversification. Diversification of this nature helps the company avoid the risk of overdependence on any one source for its revenue stream. Weakness -Profitability highly dependent on core business Gillette’s profitability is highly reliant on the performance of its razors and blades business. A substantial portion of its revenues come from this sector. Over-reliance on a single customer Wal-Mart Stores is Gillette’s major customer. With a large part of its revenues originating from a single costumer, the company is at risk of adversely affecting its business, operating results and financial condition if its strategic relationship with Wal-Mart Stores is terminated for any reason. Opportunities -New product launches Gillette is known for constantly introducing new products in the market with better technology and performance. This new product launches will help the company to gain competitive advantage over its competitors. Price increases in premium shaving segments


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