Wk 2 Case 1B Management Training Dilemma

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I. Introduction of the Case:

This case was entitled “Management Training Dilemma” and is being presented by Gregoria Guerrero-Cárdenas. It is about whether using a special “packaged” training program for Hospital Supervisors is worth the investment versus the training by a paid professional consultant. The Hospital Administrators will allow a small amount of money to be spent on renting the “packaged” program to be implemented as a trial program. The personnel director, Shane Alexander, would then have to demonstrate that the eventual purchase of the whole package would be worthwhile. II. External Forces Impacting the Case:
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VII. Anticipated Outcome:

I believe that the Hospital Administrators will be pleased with the results from the training conducted through the “packaged” program. They will see that it has more benefits than just saving money. Additionally they will have immediate access to the four trained trainers on staff to contact should the need arise. When there is an outside trainer, often times, what happens is that there are questions that come up and it is difficult to get the answer from the trainer because of distance or time schedules.

Case 1B/pW-101/Management Training Dilemma
1. If I were Shane, I would use the Conclusive Research Design as the research design to test this program. I would choose this design because its objective is to test specific hypothesis and examine relationships. A couple characteristics of this type are that the information needed is clearly defined and the research process is formal and structured. The Findings are conclusive and they are used as input into decision making.

2. The design would be implemented by selecting four Supervisors to be the Session Coordinators who would deliver the training to a select group of Supervisors in this hospital setting. These four would then train 30 Supervisors in the first month. Two would train fifteen people on Monday and Wednesday for 2.5 hours each day. And the other two would train another group of fifteen people