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1. Evaluate the strategic choice that Quantas has both a theoretical and practical perspective, and examine how these choices affect human resource planning.
2. If you were in a position to advise Alan Joyce, what would you recommend he does to maintain the commitment of the employees and implement HR planning? Explain your answer recommendation.

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Qantas have diverse internal aviation subsidies, which covers engineering, baggage handling and catering services provided. From the record, Qantas safety service is proven as an excellent so far. Qantas airline have a very good brand building exercise, which are through advertising and sponsorship. Moreover, from these statements, Qantas become one of the trustworthiest of Australia since the management has operated as the second oldest airline in the Australia airline history.

5.2) Weaknesses: Qantas airlines market is very much priced sensitive and especially with recession gripping the whole world pricing is very important factor. The human resource is limited, as it has been cutting the engineering jobs and much staff recently to reduce the expenses. The secondary location of airports is also not centralized. Qantas has a very high dependence on Australia due to its location. Increasing airline prices due to rise in the prices of jet fuel.

Jetstar is one of the airline under Qantas, as the jetstars’s pilot being paid by Qantas rate, it making the low-cost carrier unviable. The alternate option is to remove Jetstar from the Qantas. It would weaken the Qantas group network and destroy jobs.

5.3) Opportunities: Qantas has provided many exclusive things in their service. For regular flyer, they launched the benefits policy to the flyer as they fly more often, they would earn mileage points depending on the flight distance, which will make