Levi Roots Essay

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How does Levi Roots use language to sell his product to the dragons?

Levi Roots uses spoken language devices to persuade the dragons to invest in his product. He uses a variety of spoken language techniques such as pausing, overlapping, turn taking and accent in order to persuade the dragons. The dragons respond in a warm way, and join in the humour Levi creates throughout the interview; this suggests that Levi root was successful in persuading the dragons. His use of language also sets mood and tone in different situations throughout the interview.
As Levi enters the room, he starts to sing a song. This catches the dragon’s attention as they have never been welcomed in such way before. This suggests that they are amused and are
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By acting this way, Levi is able to get attention from the dragons, making them want to hear more on what Levi has to say, it also makes the interview more interactive as he involves comic and humour as well. ‘Ah sold. I like you already’ this shows that Levi has won one of the dragons over as he is joining in the humour. It also shows that Theo is eager to maintain light-hearted. Also the humorous bond between the two suggests that Levi Roots is charismatic.
Moreover, the filler ‘Ah’ suggests that Theo feels confident when talking to Levi, as he does not feel like he has to follow the specific tone and the ‘business talk’ script. This implies that Levi is able to persuade the dragons to buy his product as he is staying light-hearted. It also implies that Levi is able to convince someone like Theo to use fillers, suggesting that they are on the same level and are equal to one another. This is because business people like the dragons rarely use fillers whilst talking and the reason why Levi Roots may be seen as ‘charismatic’ is because he has successfully persuaded him to use filler.
When Roots is asked to confirm the carnival sales, he decides to