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Unit 001: Roles, Responsibilities & Relationships in Lifelong Learning (Level 3)

This essay is to demonstrate that I understand my own roles and responsibilities in lifelong learning.
Working as a lecturer in Plumbing at Oaklands College for further education requires me to have an understanding of many legislative requirements and codes of practice. Included within these are the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), the Children Act (2004) Every Child Matters, the Protection of Children Act (1999), Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health ( COSHH) (2002) a Duty of Care and relevant College Codes of Practice.
The Health and Safety at Work Act is probably one of the main laws to consider as this not only affects your safety but
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In Plumbing and the Construction industry in general there is a tendency to stereotype i.e. more men than women, but courses should be available to all. Always challenge inappropriate comments and language but remember, when someone makes an inappropriate comment it may not have been done intentionally.
My primary role as a lecturer is to teach my learners about Plumbing. However during the course of this many situations will arise when I will be called upon to refer learners to other services for further support.
Some examples of these are the Safeguarding officers at Oaklands College or external services like the Citizens Advice Bureau, National Debtline, NHS Direct or Childline.
As a Lecturer in Plumbing I am not qualified in all these areas so will act as facilitator by referring the learner to the relevant help for their needs. In doing this it is important that I respect the learner’s wishes and confidentiality at all times. All serious issues relating to maybe abuse or drugs must always be referred as this comes under my Duty of Care.
In my role as Lecturer I am trusted with personal data about my learners that I share with my fellow professionals. This data is covered by the Data Protection Act (1998) so I must not share this information outside of my colleagues and it must always be kept in a secure place.
In promoting appropriate behaviour and respect for others I would lead by example. Always using appropriate language


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