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How does Haddon’s portrayal of the relationship between Christopher and his world move us to a deeper understanding of acceptance? In your response make a detailed reference to your prescribed text. Break down Portrayal - how it is shown Relationship between Christopher and his world - how Christopher interacts with him world; his perceptions of people and the world and how we as the reader realise the world perceives him Acceptance - acceptance of Christopher and in a broader sense acceptance of being different Reword Basically, they want us to talk about how Haddon shows us the relationships Christopher develops with others and the world around him. And what we learn from these relationships.

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Due to their aspergers syndrome their observations can serve them positively or negatively. This is because individuals with aspergers syndrome do not comprehend what is socially wrong or right and this can affect the individuals negatively. This is often the case for Christopher in TCI. Haddon illustrates this when Christopher hugs a dead bleeding dog, “I had been hugging the dog for 4minutes”

The Interactions an individual makes with the world around will be affected if they

Our understanding of normality consistently changes as we grow as a society.

An individual’s understanding and meaning of normality consistently changes as they expose themselves to the world around them. The observations they make and the people they meet will affect their meaning and understanding of normality. Haddon uses Christopher’s mathematical and robot-like mind to challenge the responder’s opinions of the meaning of normality. (and contrast the opinions of the responder and the protagonist Christopher). Haddon does this through the successful use of cumulative listing in “but this is stupid because everyone has learning difficulties….learning to speak French or understanding relativity is difficult” Haddon has used cumulative listing to challenge their opinions of the meaning of normality and show the responder…………., this allows the responder to reconsideration and alter their meaning of normality. Throughout The curious incident of