Ptlls Boundaries

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Roles, responsibilities and boundaries are continuous qualities within my role as a tutor which are constantly assessed and reflected upon throughout the teaching/training cycle. According to Francis and Gould “The role of a teacher is not just to teach but to also be an evaluator, subject leader, manager of learning resources, curriculum developer, union member, personal tutor, assessor, information and advice giver, administrator, liaison with external body, record keeper, interviewer, verifier, role model and overall to help learners to gain a qualification.” The Teaching/Training cycle supports this theory by providing a structures process in which tutors can follow ensuring that all learners receive the best and consistent approach …show more content…

As a lot of learners that I come into contact with are new to computers, it is important to recognise their existing ability or lack of knowledge when delivering a topic to them. I ensure that I include visual examples in my sessions. These include the use of an overhead projector (OHP), so that learners can follow my instructions with my demonstrations on the OHP. This method of teaching helps the visual learners follow and learn as they are seeing my instructions on the OHP. Whilst I am giving a visual example and verbal instructions, the learners are on their own computers following the instructions on their own screen. This helps learners of all styles learn each topic in their own way.

Throughout the training, I am constantly assessing that learning has taken place by asking questions, leading discussions and also relaying information and monitoring their feedback. The learners have practical exercises at the end of each demonstration which allows me to assess their understanding by their approach to each topic. I also monitor their speed and adapt my session accordingly for the next topic. This is very important when teaching computers as their confidence plays a big part in their learning.

Evaluation is important after my delivery. After each session, I rework my lesson plan, to make the course run smoother, using more practical exercises, or spending longer on a topic. Due to everyone learning at different paces, it