Great Expectations Chapters 7-25

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Great Expectations (Chapters 7-25)
Chapter 7
1. Dickens is noted for giving his characters names that are descriptive to their personalities. The names often sound like other words or are a pun. How could Mrs. Wopsle’s name be descriptive of her personality?
Mrs. Wopsles name describes her personality because “Wopsle” sounds like “wobble” and Mrs. Wopsle is has a very wobbly and carefree personality.
2. How are Biddy and Pip alike?
Biddy and Pip are alike because they were both “brought up by hand”. Also, they are both from the same social class and have dreams of a better life.
3. Why has Joe not learned to read as a child? What makes him marry Pip’s sister?
Joe has not learned to read as a child because he did not attend school.
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The narration in this passage is different from used in the beginning of this chapter because in the beginning the narrator is describing what happened when he arrived from Miss Havisham’s while in the passage the narrator is making us think and putting us in Pip’s POV.
5. Which sentence in this paragraph is an example of parallelism? In what way does this paragraph support the theme of good versus evil? “Long chain of iron or gold, long chain of thorns or flowers” because it explain the transition of seeing things in a different perspective.
Chapter 10
1. What steps does Pip take to improve himself? To improve himself Pip aspires to be educated. He goes to Biddy to gain all her knowledge.
2. Pip’s description of the stranger at the pub with Joe contains phrases which are more descriptive of the man’s character than of his physical appearance. Find an example of one of these descriptive phrases. What do you think Dickens is trying to reveal about the stranger?
“ The stranger looked at me again- still cocking his eye as if he expressly was taking aim at me with his invisible gun.” He is trying to reveal how the stranger is a convict and recognizes Pip. 3. List two things the stranger does that links him to the convict at the graveyard. How the stranger leaves the notes and when he stirs his drink with a file.
4. What evidence is there that the stranger is there to find Pip?


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