602.3.5-01 ETT4 Task 1

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Content Structuring
One of the qualities that a good teacher should possess is to help and ensure that our students develop skills that will last a lifetime. One way we can do this is to help students develop good organization and note taking skills. Using graphic organizers is an easy and effective way to deliver information and demonstrate new techniques to students. Graphic organizers are also great tools that help students focus on what they are learning and also aid in learning the information.
Because there are so many different types of organizers and a variety of uses for them, the way each are introduced is crucial. The proper introduction will ensure that the students will be able to identify, organize, and integrate key
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Remember, you write how they are alike in the middle section of the diagram. Then in a while we will discuss what everyone came up with as a class, and fill out my diagram on the board.
While the students are working in their groups, I will wander around the class and help any groups that need it, or if a lot of students are having problems I will have everyone come back up to sit on the floor and we will discuss it together. I would arrange the lesson as above because I want to make sure they have a good idea how to use the graphic organizer in a simple way before sending them off to use it compare the two books and their characters on their own. I think that by having the students work together in cooperative groups, it will be somewhat of a continuation of my lesson, and they will be able to work together to figure out how to fill in the diagram and also they will be able to work together to figure out what to write. Working in cooperative learning groups will act as a reinforcement of the class discussion and lesson earlier in the day. If the students do well and I feel that they have grasped the concept of the Venn diagram then I will incorporate more diagrams into other lessons where the students will complete their own.

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