Pro Abortion (Anti Abortion Rebuttal)

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Pro Abortion
Abortion is defined as the expulsion of a fetus by a pregnant female before the normal end of a pregnancy. Many times and in most cases, specifically in the article titled “ABORTION” by Jimmyissmart on, abortion is seen as an act of violence and inhumane murder. It is mainly for this reason why people who are anti- abortion support their point of view. However, to murder the victim must first be alive, but what is the meaning of life? According to life is defined as the sum of the distinguishing phenomena of organisms, esp. metabolism, growth, reproduction and adaptation to environment. Hence, a fetus can not be alive because it lacks the ability to adapt to its environment, a fetus does not have
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Modern day America is not a country that tosses its minorities to the side and treat them as if they don’t count, that idea doesn’t seem very humane to me.
Abortion is not murder and abortion is not an act of violence. It is not a requirement that underage women or women who can’t afford babies or even women who just don’t want a baby at that time have an abortion. An abortion is just an option the option for a woman to correctly choose the future that she wants for her and her child. Abortion offers women a second chance at life for in most cases having a baby would completely ruin a young girl’s future. In Jimmyissmart’s article “ABORTION” he completely ignores the life and future of the mother, completely objectifying women as if their future doesn’t matter, as if there only purpose is to reproduce. Considering everything discussed above and with women having babies at a time in their life that they think they can afford them it would ultimately lower the nation’s poverty statistic. “Abortion is not a solution, it becomes another problem.” (Jimmyissmart) Hence I propose just the opposite abortion is a solution not a