Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care Hsc 024

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1. How to recognise signs of abuse
1.1 & 1.2 Define the following types of abuse and explain the signs and symptoms- TYPE OF ABUSE | DEFENITION | SIGNS/SYMPTOMS | Physical abuse | This is any form of harm caused to the body. | Bruises, finger marks, fractures, dislocations, scratches, cuts, pressure sores, black eyes, scalds, cigarette burns, history of unexplained injuries, accidental overdose, poisoning, deterioration in health, weight loss, soiled clothing/bedding, inappropriate clothing, mood changes, not wanting to be alone with certain individuals. | Sexual abuse | A sexual act is carried out without the consent or understanding of the
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* Carer feeling frustrated this can be due to having little or no understanding of the individuals needs, becoming a carer unwillingly having to make large changes to their own lifestyles can cause them to become resentful. * Carer having multiple people to care for can cause an individual to feel under a lot of pressure as they may get very little time to themselves. * Disturbed sleep can cause you to become very tired and mean that you are not functioning properly * Being or feeling socially isolated can cause any individual to feel very lonely and resentful but needing to care for someone as well will make this feeling a lot worse. * Financial and housing pressures can cause the carer and the cared for individual to become stressed as they may be concerned of the money coming into the home as the carer may have had to give up their job to care for the individual. The home may become unsuitable for the individuals needs and can cause both to become frustrated tired and upset. * Financial abuse may be more of a risk to those who have limited family and friends or those who are isolated from social situations.

INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE MORE AT RISK * Individuals who have little or no understanding this can be due to a result of an illness, a learning disability, children or those who are unaware of their rights. * Illness


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