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Mead & Hampson (1996) developed a study involving the divided visual field paradigm and a phonological rhyme/non-rhyme task to test the speed and accurateness of either side of the brain. This study was used to investigate functional asymmetry between the left and right hemispheres in phonological processing. The research was taken out equally on 15 male and 15 females London Metropolitan University students ranging from ages 18 – 35 years old. They were all specifically chosen to be right–handed and had English as their first language thus providing a fair experiment to see whether our left hemisphere (left side of the brain) or the right hemisphere is faster and more accurate. In conclusion using the mean and standard
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The participants were told to sit at a distance of 30 cm from the computer screen. Before the test began a set of instructions were presented to each participant explaining the test will begin with a set of 20 practice trials (10 rhyming and 10 non-rhyming words), which is then followed by two blocks of 40 experimental trials (40 rhyming and 40 non-rhyming words). The words shown were a mixture of verbs and nouns. After being told to locate and double click the ‘cereb’ icon on the computer desktop. They were told to focus on the central fixation point (+) that appeared for one second, followed by the cue word for one second, the screen would then go blank for 20ms and the target and distracter was displayed for 200ms. The trials were equally halved of left and right visual field presentation, which were given in random orders for each participant.


In conclusion, the consequences of the study sided with our hypothesis;
“The left hemisphere is faster and more accurate than the right hemisphere.”


The 30 participants would have a higher score on the left hemisphere than on the right was what our hypothesis had


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