Informative Speech- Fast Food

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Fast Food

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about fast food in the United States and its effects.
Central Idea: The history of fast food, the effects of eating fast food, and its effect on the United States.

I. Anywhere you go, there is a good chance there will be a fast food restaurant nearby. A. It’s the easy way out of cooking dinner, or grabbing something fast because you didn’t have time to make anything. B. Fast food may taste good, but have you ever thought of the effects it has on your body, and wallet?

II. For the past 92 years fast food has become a popular choice of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

III. However, the effects it has can be negative for health, as well as money. A. Because of
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1. I know when I see a commercial or advertisement from McDonald’s it makes me crave something from there. a. This technique is used by all fast food company’s. b. It brings in more customers, making them more loyal.
(Transition: Fast food in America has had an impact, both negative and positive, on our nation throughout the years)

IV. In conclusion, we as Americans are exposed to unhealthy choices everyday. A. Most choose to eat out at a fast food restaurant instead of taking the time to home cook a meal because it is the easier pick. 1. The consequences of eating out too often can lead to major health risks that can become deadly. 2. Because of the amounts of high level sodium, and fats, obesity, in adults and children, is one of the leading health risks in our country today. B. So before you decide to go to mcdonald’s, burger king, or taco bell for the third day in a row, try packing something from home. 1. It may not be as tasty as a nice big cheeseburger, but more benefits come from eating a healthier meal.

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