It206 Wk4 Scenarios

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Scenario I
A business professional wants to use Microsoft® Excel® to organize data for the monthly expense report. He has never used Microsoft® Excel® and is inquiring about the functions that would support him with this task.
General Approach
Make sure I understand what the user intends to do and what version of Excel the customer is using.
Challenges to situation
The challenge in this situation is that the user wants to use a program that is new to him. I will have to explain to the user the basic functions of Excel to see if those functions match what the user wants to do.
Strategies to overcome challenges
I would speak to the customer very patiently and find out what information does the customer know about Excel. I would then
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She loses her placement every time she scrolls through the data set. She wants to know how to effectively scroll through the data sheet and manage this large data set.
General Approach
I would have the user explain to me what information she is trying to keep visual while scrolling through the data. I would speak with the user to see how much knowledge she has of the program function.
Keeping the customer calm while having the customer explain what version of the program is running and the process taken to the point of issue.
I will actively listen, visualize, and possibly take notes of what the user is saying. I will keep my voice in a calm and confident tone, while assuring the customer that I will take all steps to resolve the issue.

Further diagnosis
I will check with the customer how much data is being entered onto the spreadsheet.
Step by step 1. Have the customer open the table in question 2. I would instruct the customer how to freeze the panes horizontally by selecting the row underneath the table; and freeze panes vertically by selecting the column to the right of the table 3. Click the View tab, then the arrow next to freeze panes 4. Choose the row or column you (user)want to freeze 5. Now you should be able to scroll through the spreadsheet
Alternative solution 1. Walk user through steps again. 2. Advise user to follow a manual, tutorial, or seek help with a computer