Pb Acountability

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Which of the following PBOs will you coordinate with during sustainment? | |

While preparing for deployment, you receive split hand receipts from the PBO. What should you direct sub-hand receipt holders to do?
A. Conduct deployment inventories of all equipment identified for deployment.
During the post-deployment phase, who do you coordinate with to deactivate all derivative UICs and DODAACs?

What should you direct your Supply Sergeant to do upon receiving the deployment, LBE, and RDE hand receipts from the PBO?
A. Identify that deployment, LBE and RDE hand receipt data matches the current hand receipt.
What deployment property accountability action should be performed prior to deploying?
A. Prepare an RFI list,
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PART 2 temporary hand receipt must be approved by _______.The primary hand receipt holder
Within how many days should discrepancies found during the receipt of property be reported to the Supply Support Activity? 2 days for the Active Army/20 days for the Reserve
Non-expendable items of equipment discovered during an inventory that are not listed on the property books are considered what types of items? FOI
What form is used as a temporary hand receipt? DA FORM 3161
How frequently are sensitive items (weapons and ammunitions) inventoried? Monthly
What type of inventory is conducted on a periodic basis? Cyclic
Customers will pick up supplies from the Supply Support Activity within how many days of notification of availability? 7 days wrong, SSA within two days of notification of availability. Any supplies not picked up after five days will return to SSA stocks. DA PAM 710-2-1, Figures 2-1
At a minimum, how often are hand receipt annexes required to be updated? 6 months from the oldest transaction
Which of the following is not a basic step of conducting an inventory? Notify the Property Book Officer What document acts as a record of non-expendable and durable component shortages? Hand Receipt Annex When inventorying weapons and ammunition, which of the following guidelines is applicable? In the