Guam Case

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Case: Guam’s Visitors’ Bureau

Assignment Questions:
1. What internal constraints does GVB face in becoming a more powerful player?
Following are the internal constraints that Guam Visitor’s Bureau faced, * Guam as an organization had a large size of Board of Directors, i.e. 13 to be precise; * This huge size of the committee and formal lines of communication resulted in slow decision making. * Lot of external factors determined the selection of members in the Board of Directors, i.e. GHRA(Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association), GTF (Guam Tourist Foundation), JGTA (Japan Guam Travel Association), etc. * GVB had a huge organizational structure, lot of silos existed in the organization. * Employees with limited or
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China) are huge potential markets duel to increasing affluence
Adventure and cultural tourism
Sea-cruise stopover destination
Major Air route tourist destination
Typhoon damage
Presence of military bases makes it sensitive to negative macro-economic political developments
Lack of government money to further develop tourism
Airline companies stopping flights to Guam
Interest groups interfering in GVB decisions
Hostility of locals towards Japanese tourists
Other countries also eyeing the lucrative Japanese tourist market

7. Conduct an assessment of Guam’s tourism industry using the Porter’s 5 forces model. Bargaining Power of Suppliers – HIGH
Heavily dependent on airlines and hotels, possibility of their withdrawal
Heavily dependent on shipping from foreign countries for most supplies, possibility of their withdrawal Bargaining Power of Buyers – HIGH


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