Personality Theory Paper

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Personality Theories Psych 504 November 3 2012 Dr. Claire Clifford

Personality Theories
A person’s personality says much about who he or she is. People define personality in different ways. Researcher after researcher has tried to come up with the best definition for what personality truly means. Case studies, correlational studies, and experimental designs are some of the most commonly used methods of research. These methods help better define personality. The advantages and disadvantages of each method differ and can be helpful or hurtful to the research of an individual’s personality. Defining Personality
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Another disadvantage would be psychologists who are trying to decide what to do during a behavioral problem it would be unlikely that the results would be the same with every individual. Methods Differ Correlational designs, case studies, and experimental designs are different in several ways. Experimental designs are restricted and controlled allowing no room for errors (Cervone, p. 8). Although experimental design is supported through the use of mathematics and statistical data, case studies are based on opinions and observations that are not, necessarily researched in-depth. Correlational designs are based on observations that show whether or not two things share a common variable (Cervone, p. 9). These three methods differ by the way, they are conducted, by the way information is gathered, and by the results that received by each method. Conclusion Personalities are unique and the way that psychologists study personalities is also unique. Through the use of case studies, correlational designs, and experimental designs researchers are able to better understand how an individual’s personality is formed. By using a correlational design study researchers are able to see how an individual’s environment affects his or her personality. When using a case study, researchers are able to see an individual in many different aspects of their life to see how they grow and


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