Bussiness Plan for Mobile Movie Theater

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3.0 Introduction India is a developing country and thus the step at which development occurs would clearly be more than that of the developed countries. India thus is a perfect fruitful soil for any new business to bud up and display. It should be highlighted that when recession interfered as an unwanted guest into the global economy, the Indian economy succeeded in surviving with insignificant minor injuries. India is a nation which has a bright history of wonders to showcase who excelled in the various fields of business. It is never the lack of new business ideas in India which remains as obstructing factor, but the restricted capital. A lot of unique products are there in India which remains in evergreen demand. But the primary
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The total gross collection for the films from theatres in Cochin that ran in the year 2000 is 12 crores. By 2005 it increased in to 16.5 crore, the growth rate is almost 37.5%.By 2011 it became 30 crores from both theatres and multiplexes. The growth rate is nearly 81%.If we examine the growth rate closely, it shows that the growth rate is increased after the introduction of multiplex theatres in 2009. Fig 3. 1 Market Growth
d) Market Trends
After the launching of multiplex theatres in the city with luxurious seating facility all the middle and upper class people changed their location to watch movies to multiplexes from previous version of theatres.In multiplexes movie shows will be conducted even at 11.30 p.m. it is comfortable for everyone.
e) Market Demand.
Most of the viewers are worried due to the travelling difficulties for watching the night shows in multiplexes and other theatres. To avoid the risks due to night driving and travelling they would like to watch movies from theatres near to their residence. For a group of people living in residential areas mobile theatre is applicable. The total gross collection normally peak between Friday-Sunday also in vacation time and other festival season.
f) Market Growth Potential
Theatre business in Cochin City has a lot of potential in the future for both existing and new investors. In 2011 the audience watched movies from theatres are 45, 00,000 and it is expected to reach 60, 00,000 by the year 2015.Market