Paradoxical Twins Case Analysis

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The Case of the Paradoxical Twins: Case Analysis

1. At the end of Part I, how would you describe the organization design of both Omega and Acme? What factors led you to this conclusion?

By the end of Part I, it is clear that Acme is a more mechanistic organization focusing on efficiency and profits, while Omega aligns itself with an organic organization structure focusing on cooperation, collaboration, and integration.

Acme is mechanistic with a clear vertical structure; this conclusion is reached when looking at various factors. Factors include the degree of specialization, formalization, and centralization. Mechanistic structures are highly specialized, highly formalized, and centralized similar to Acme.
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Rawls, on the other hand, communicated instantly with the photocopier company once the flaw was discovered.

Essentially, the problem was the same for both companies—certain parts could not be received on time and engineering the assembly was difficult. However, how each organization approached the problem, as led by the type of structure in place, is what led Omega to succeed and meet the speed deadline determined by the photocopier company. Omega’s organic, adaptable, collaborative structure was more efficient for problem-solving scenarios, which this project was and allowed Omega to meet the deadline 10 days before Acme and with greater reliability. Acme’s vertical structure with rigid procedures would take longer to communicate problems from the bottom to the top. It took longer time to take action with Acme’s formal, hierarchical structure. These factors combined with its inflexible nature led Acme to be outdone by Omega.

3. At the end of Part IV, how can this turnabout be explained?

Ultimately, the goal for phase two, once the prototype was developed was to cut costs and ensure quality control. Given that the production process had already been created, this second phase project had a greater degree of certainty and routine. Once each company figured out how to engineer the assembly, the process became routine, which is better suited for a mechanistic structure. If your end goal is to


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