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Paper – BoldFlash
BoldFlash Inc. was founded in 1982 in Waltham Massachusetts and was involved in manufacturing of computer storage media like floppy disks as well as various other product mixes. Presently the company is facing turbulent times because of the inability to keep up with highly dynamic market and customer demands. There have been various reasons for breakdown in communication and teamwork. Bad management and autocratic style of leadership led to a decline of the company in regards to product innovation. At present, there is an urgent need for introducing a new innovative product in the market to make a comeback and an organizational change for a longer term.
Conflicting performance metrics and Goal Incongruence
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BoldFlash Mobile Division was experiencing pressures on the ability to get new products to the market. This was not due to the lack of research and product development. While a lot of research was going on, it was not focussed on primary business goals. The development did not always align with market needs and customer demands. The Product Development developed redundant customized chips for mobile phone market customers while completely missing critical market in storage devices used for tablets, handing its competitors an advantage in a critical growth market.
Analysts sometimes criticized the firm as doing research for its own sake rather than to improve product s or meet new customer needs and faulted a corporate culture that was not always focused on results. To overcome this difficult situation, there was an urgent need for introducing new innovative product to stay competitive in the marketplace and for an overall change in the functioning of department.
To cater to the customer needs and meet market expectations, Product development team needs to be encouraged not only to focus on new technologies but also on analyzing market trends and knowing customer demands in collaboration with Marketing and Sales people.
The employees should be ready to utilize new market opportunities. Further, the Product
Development should not keep to


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