OCR Level 3 Cambridge Tech Unit 17 - D1

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D1 – Explain the benefits and drawbacks of the different formats that can be used to deliver interactive media authored products.

In this report I will evaluate the different formats by giving the benefits and limitations of using the Web, Multimedia (CD’s, DVD’s and so on.), Interactive T.V and Mobile Devices as formats for interactive media products. Each benefit and limitation will be explained with some examples for each format of interactive media products, finally I will give a summary and conclusion for all the formats at the end of the report.


Benefits: One of the benefits of the web is that it is mobile and a product can be accessed from any
Computer with an internet connection, interactive media products on the
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An example of where this limitation can be seen is when a person is trying to open a webpage such as ‘www.YouTube.com’ without an internet connection, when this happens the page will not load and it tell you that you do not have an internet connection and you must connect to one in order to view the webpage and the interactive media product.

The download time for interactive products which are on the web depend on the size and most importantly the speed of the internet connection whereas the download time from a CD to or mobile device may be considerably shorter as in most cases an internet connection is not required. Because the download time on the web depends on an internet connection it means that this is a limitation and must mean that the user has to have an internet connection in order to start saving and downloading files which therefore the product can only be downloaded to a certain type of user.

When an interactive product is delivered through the web plug ins start to become necessary and important in viewing and interacting with the product so therefore this becomes a disadvantage because time and space is needed for these downloads which also require the use of an internet connection. Plug ins can include the use of flash player and java which are almost a part of every interactive media product on the web so