The Dag Group Analysis

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The Dag Group Analysis.
Problem definition: Chris and Val are deciding if enter to compete in the service of laundry through starting a new chain of laundries or buy some already existing. Also consider if they should better not enter compete in this market.
To start we must take into account the context in which the case arises and for that we will use a picture to consider some factors political, social, economic and technological that later could help us to develop a SWOT analysis for the various options presented in the case. Political factors |  Is expected that rules on emissions of fumes in laundries is more rigid in the short term by what the laundry will be forced to renew their equipment to make it more friendly with the
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| Weaknesses: Should be invested $40,000 in washing machines and computers already that Superb not dealt with traditional laundry, only dry cleaning. The town is on the opposite side of the road "to work" (experts say that this is the best route) There is an excess of employees in relation to the volume handled by Superb | Opportunities:  Ability to maximize space in the plant to increase sales above the current $386,000 Reduce costs in relation to the managed volume. Reduce COGS. | Threats:  Recover the investment of $450,000, which costs to acquire the business


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