Of Mice and Men Discrimination Essay

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Discrimination if often based on many qualities and abilities. Some of the most clearly shown examples in John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men are gender, age and racial discrimination. The victims of these types of discrimination are Curley’s wife, who is unhappy and bitter about her life, Candy, the old, disabled swamper and Crooks, the black stable buck. Throughout the novel, these three characters face many hardships because they are harshly judged and often misunderstood. Curley’s wife is probably one of the most misunderstood characters in the novel, often being looked down upon, or talked badly about. She is the only woman on the ranch, and who appears consistently throughout the novel. At one point, some of the workers are …show more content…

He is judged on, and ignored, all because of his skin color and race. These are all examples in the novel of how black people are looked down on, and ignored most of the time, because people see them as lesser beings. Curley’s wife, Candy and Crooks are all constantly judged upon, and gravely misunderstood, be it either for their gender, age or skin color. They lead harsh lives that make it hard for them to make it in the world. The author drops some subtle, and some not-so subtle hints throughout the novel that show how tough it was for women, black and aged men to try to lead the lives they wanted, especially during that era. This happened not only during that time, but even today . Older men get quickly replaced with younger employees, women are questioned in for many jobs, and black people are constantly stereotyped againsy. Discrimination is an everyday issue that has throughout the years, become harder and harder to overcome. Hopefully, we will soon get past it, and let people live there lives as they wish without being under constant social