Odhi Case

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Executive Summary
The Ontario Dairy Herd Improvement Corporation is a non- profit organization, which provides milk-testing services for Ontario dairy producers. Physical facilities include a head office and computer system located in Guelph, as well as milk testing labs in Kemptville and Woodstock. Ontario DHI’s mission is to maintain an organization that will deliver an accurate, timely and cost-effective milk testing service and promote improvements in the efficiency and profitability of dairy production in the province of Ontario.
ODHI has been facing several problems. Although ODHI has a moderate financial surplus, the number of members subscribing to the services has been declining at about three percent per year for the past five
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Company Analysis
ODHI, farmer owned non-profit organization that provides milk testing to farmers. The company was maintaining 300 staff members in 1990 in order to run it’s operations. Main focus of the company is to improve profitability of Ontario farmers and at the same time deliver very effective and accurate milk-testing service to various segments of farmers in dairy production industry. The core product is essentially an udder health.
Company managed to shorten turnaround time over past 5 years by streamlining operations and more technically advanced equipment in data processing center and laboratory, as well as introduce new detailed reference guide format – 3 ring binder became more informative and easier to use. In addition to what was mentioned previously, Udder Health Testing was considered a great management idea by farmers and actually had led to an increase in number of subscriptions. However, it was not enough to offset the major decline.
ODHI has four core programs and some optional services that farmers could choose. The basic difference among the four core services is in the objectivity and accuracy of the information generated.
Programs are as follows: Program name | Objectivity | Accuracy | Per Herd ($) | Per Cow ($) | Supervised | High | High | 286.69 | 6.20 | Official AP | High | Good | 239.96 | 5.10 | Unofficial AP | Fair | Fair | 195.21 | 4.16 | Owner - Sampler | Low(Biased) | Low | 102.11 | 2.71 |