Boeing 787

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The Pennsylvania State University Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering IE466: Concurrent Engineering

Individual Homework #1 – Boeing 787: The Dreamliner

Boeing 787: The Dreamliner Case Study (download from Angel) During the past decade, Boeing watched as their competitor, Airbus, launched several new and very successful aircraft. In 2004, Airbus surpassed Boeing in commercial airplanes delivered and future orders placed. This is the first time that Boeing has ever lost its leading market share. The 787 is the first new airplane that Boeing has introduced to the market in a decade. This case study examines how the 787 is strategically transforming Boeing’s approach to aircraft
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3. What are some of the important pitfalls that Boeing must avoid in pursuing this project?
Boeing 787 team worked with suppliers from all over the world. They had suppliers from Italy, Japan, China and many other countries. Even though they are making the parts in different geographical areas, Boeing needs to be careful with the exact specifications and design so that there isn’t any problem trying to assemble the plane in the States. This process engendered a culture in which Boeing engineers were quick to intervene and realize that their supplier was not building to the specification asked for and needed technical assistance. Also, Boeing is typically very secretive with their projects. For the 787 project, however, Boeing has to form 15 teams, so it is essential that every member feel comfortable to share his or her ideas. The transition in concept, behavior, and Boeing engineering culture is huge. There is alsoa technical and behavioral hurdle that the 7E7 team may face such as: designing a wingspan for both 197 foot Dreamliner and one for a shorter range 20 feet one. It is challenging for Boeing to design a wing that can work well in both sizes. They may also face problem in efficiency to mount the high bypass engine on airplane. It is required to be done with no extra weight from pylon, fatter nacelle or landing gear so that it can save fuel. Boeing 787 also requires extensive testing to convince


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