Nursing and Mrs. Newman

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Mrs. Newman has been experiencing hoarseness and a change in her voice, but she did not seek medical help until she began to have difficulty swallowing. After being seen by her healthcare provider, she is scheduled for outpatient surgery for a direct laryngoscope to obtain a culture and take a biopsy.
Mrs. Newman arrives at the outpatient surgical department at 6:30 am and is escorted to her room. The admitting nurse begins her assessment; 1. Which question is most important for the nurse to ask Mrs. Newman? A) Have you had anything to eat or drink since midnight?
B) Are you taking any medications?
C) Have you smoked any cigarettes in the last 24 hours?
D) When was the last time you drank any alcohol?
The admission nurse
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Newman that someone will be with her at all times B) Provide a bell that she can ring as another means of communication C) Show her how to work the nurses call light and have her perform a return demonstration D) Tell her that whiles her fears are justified; she should not try to worry.
Following a seven –hour surgery mars Newman was first placed in the PACU, before being transferred to the intensive care unit.
11. Which nursing intervention should the ICU nurse implement?
A) Discourage coughing for the first 24 hrs
B) Notify the healthcare provider during rounds
C) Determine when mars Newman received her last antibiotic
D) Assist mars Newman to gargle w/warm salty water
The nurse is completing the shift assessment and notes that Mrs. Newman has white and dark brown patchy areas on her tongue and oral mucosa.
12. Which action should the nurse implement?
A) Document this finding and take no action
B) Notify the health care provider during rounds
C) Determine when Mrs. Newman received her last antibiotic
D) Assist Mrs. Newman to gargle with warm water, salty water

Because of the cancer mars Newman is at risk for potential complications, such as neck would fistula and carotid arty blowout
13. When anticipating these possible complications, the nurse should place which equipment at miss newness bedside?
A) Several packages of sterile 4x4 gauze
B) Two non sterile hemostats
C) A syringe filled w/calcium glaciate
D) The


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