Stakeholder Influences on Programs Week 7 Hsm/270

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Stakeholder Influences on Programs

In the field of Human Services, there are many details that must never be overlooked, there are many variables that must not ever be ignored, and there are many expectations from stakeholders that most definitely must be entertained by all staff and participants who are involved with a program. One may immediately assume when they hear the word "stakeholder" that it refers to the financial institution that has granted them the funding that made their program possible. This is certainly true, in fact, they are perhaps the most important and influential one. However, stakeholders are also staff members, program participants and their families, program administrators, the target population or
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Staff members must always hold their composure and exhibit professionalism to reflect positivity to these unfortunate people. The participants must always feel that they can depend on staff for support and for strength. The more involved the staff is, the more the participants will want to share their experiences and their concerns. Staff must create a comfortable, fun, hopeful environment that becomes a sort of sanctuary for them enter into to heal their wounds. Other family members may be the only other support they have outside of the program. In these cases, staff must include them and involve them in program activities and interventions and treat them the same way they treat the participants and fellow staff members, with respect and dignity at all times. Any further convincing that may be needed outside of the program to participants who are afraid or unsure will most likely come from family and friends. Basically, everyone involved must work together to stay on the same page. PEACE is a National Foundation and it has a funding program called "Supporting Families". This program promotes the well-being of the victims of domestic violence and strives to improve the lives of families who have had issues with the law and judicial system through the provision of services that are responsive to their individual needs. They have, of course, many expectations for our program and staff to ensure that these needs are catered to in the