Notes on Torts, Negligence, and Strict Liability

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* A tort (in French, meaning “wrong”) is a wrong or injury to another than a breach of contract I. Introduction to Tort Law * Tort Law’s primary objective is to provide compensation for injured parties. * Secondary objective is that it discourages private retaliation by injured person’s and their friends * Third objective is that it satisfies our collective sense of right and wrong by providing that someone who creates harm should make things right by compensating those harmed II. Classification of Torts * In the US, torts are classified as intentional, negligent, or strict liability. * Negligent Torts occur when the defendant acts in a way that subjects other people to an unreasonable risk of …show more content…

Intentional Torts Against Property G. Trespass to Realty – trespass to realty (also called trespass to real property) occurs when a person intentionally enters the land of another without permission, causes an object to be placed on the land of another without the landowner’s permission, stays on the land of another when the owner tells him to depart, or refuses to remove something he placed on the property that the landowner asked him to remove. H. Private Nuisance – a private nuisance occurs when a person uses her property in an unreasonable manner that harms a neighbor’s use or enjoyment of his property. I. Trespass to Personal property – trespass to personalty occurs when someone temporarily exerts control over another’s personal property or interfering with the owner’s right to use it. J. Conversion – conversion occurs when a person permanently removes personal property from the owner’s possession and control. 3. Intentional Interference with Contract
In an intentional interference with contract tort, the plaintiff must prove that a valid and enforceable contract between the two parties existed, the defendant knew of the existence of the contract and its terms, the defendant intentionally undertook steps to cause one of the parties to breach the contract, and the plaintiff was injured in


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