Neolithic Revolution Essay

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Neolithic Revolution

Neolithic Revolution

Introduction The beauty of the world lies in the fact that t experiences constant changes. Nothing is in its original from today, as it was in ancient times. There are numerous factors, which have played a pivotal role in enabling the world retain its beauty, in the form of experiencing the changes; and amongst those factors is the major factor of constant progress and development by the mankind. Mankind has always been in constant endeavour of improving his life standards, and discovering new ways of enabling his survival and enhancing the processes that he customarily employs.

History of Agricultural Revolution of the Neolithic Ever since, the world came into
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As discussed earlier, that the initial advantage that this revolution provided the mankind with a better and rather dignified lifestyle. It is hard to find an individual, other than those who still favour the hunting procedure, who might find the primitive procedures and lifestyle to be dignified and semi-permanent. For how long could the mankind live life that way, and not utilize the mental and physical potential that nature has blessed us with. Any cognitive mind would be coerced to think, bearing in mind the anti revolution arguments that if nature wanted the mankind to survive on those basic methods than the door of new possibilities of survival would never be shown to us. It can be easily estimated that the mankind was destined to develop and progress, form decent civilization, as well as positively exploit the opportunities the nature has veiled on this earth[3]. Moreover, it is a common belief that the Neolithic Revolution was undoubtedly a turning point in the history of mankind. This revolution acted as the precedent that guided the mankind to not only radically changed the Agricultural farming, but also led to the formation and consolidated foundation of homes, starting of villages, which further led to social classes, greater population and most importantly, specialized jobs. This revolution and settlement of mankind, enabled them to strive incessantly for even better and


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