Music Western Civilization

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For our class project I decided to attend a concert at Bargemusic, a floating concert hall in Brooklyn,I chose is because I thought it would be cool to be on a boat for a concert. This concert will be on Friday November 30th at 8 pm. I will focus on the two masterwork series they will be performing. The first one is Takemitsu Quatrain II, Between Tides and the second one is Messiaen Quartet for the End of Time. There will be a trio with a cello, violin, piano, and clarinet. This seems very interesting and I review photos on this venue. It has a very nice view and it looks very formal. I plan to focus on both pieces I will listen to both of them on YouTube and they are both interesting find it interesting how a piano,cello,clarinet and …show more content…

In the ending they still played the same notes just a slower tempo and low pitch. The seventh movement is called Cluster or rainbows, for the angel who announces the end of time. The cello in this piece stands out to me. The other pieces the cello was just part of the background music to me. Its playing very soft in a high pitch. It almost sounds like a violin. The piano is also soft with low amplitude in the background. Suddenly a long pause, dramatic music is played with all the instuments. The piano is very dramatic and plays alone in a fast pace. The piano has no melody or rhythm to me. It sounds like just different notes that don’t sound good together. The eighth piece is called praise to the immortality of jesus. This piece is just the piano and violin. This is an amazing movement. I think this is my favorate on of all the other ones. This movement focuses on the violin. The violin has such a pianissimo piece with the piano playing in the background. The pitch goes high and low mostly high. The piano is playing the same 3 notes repeatedly and it goes crescendo. The violin plays a soft melody that give me a passionate feeling. The ending is big for the violin, its almost like the violin has a solo. this piece has no vocalization. There are just four instruments in these master pieces. My first impression of this piece was I never heard something like this it was kind of weird to me but I had to watch/listen to them a few times before really analyzing it.


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