Moll Flanders Life

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The Situation of “the deceiver deceived” recurs throughout Defoe’s Moll Flanders. Consider the way that the novel explores this situation with reference either to the episode of Moll’s marriage to her third husband (the Virginian) – in particular, to the way that this marriage is entered into. Throughout the novel Moll Flanders, we see a situation of the deception referenced through the many lives that she beholds. In particular this can be seen in her third marriage, who is the Virginian and is also her half-brother. To completely understand how this was entered into this marriage, firstly you need to explore where it originated from and this can be seen through the marriages prior to the third. The deception of Moll Flanders life …show more content…

It is some time in the marriage, in fact Moll has had two children and is pregnant with the third, when it is brought to her attention that her mother-in-law is in fact her mother and that Moll is “married” to her half brother. Moll was horrified by this knowledge. I resolv’d, that it was absolutely necessary to conceal it all, and not make the least Discovery of it either to Mother or Husband (2011 p75). She kept the secret and had no more children to him, for another three years. Soon after this it was noticeable of Moll’s anguish and this caused friction between husband and wife. They quarrelled frequently and she begged for her to go back to England. He refused her appeal. He even threatened her to be placed in the madhouse (2011 p 77). This eventually provoked her into telling a half truth, more deception, but this made her husband ill. The truth finally came out and a truce was established between Moll and her brother. This made it easier for Moll to explain their true relationship. At first he was shocked but eventually he agreed for Moll to return to England and form that time on they would be known as brother and sister. Therefore, Moll Flanders took great pleasure in deceiving the deceiver. This is demonstrated throughout her marriages and life. She got great satisfaction in accomplishing her stature and wealth through these