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MIBS-A1China-Group2 - 8 - Consolidation
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Wiki Home Recent Changes Pages and Files Members Manage Wiki Search Wiki All Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 - clipboard 8 - Consolidation Assignment Questions Draft Report MBA Charts Tutor template Words Count: 3900 Introduction Tombow Pencil Co. Ltd. is a Japanese writing instrument manufacturer founded by Harunosuke Ogawa in 1913. Tombow and its main competitior- Mitsubishi accounted for about 70% pencil market share before 1963. After that, Tombow began to expand its product line beginning from ballpoint pen. Tombow mainly sold products through stationery stores which are the
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An exemplary case can be found in Toyota (TPS) Production System (Dyer and Nobeoka, 2000).




MIBS-A1China-Group2 - 8 - Consolidation
As mentioned, within the highly competitive environment, the growing demands for writing instruments varieties and customization requests draw on Tombow forecasting inadequacies and a lacking of information acquisition and management system. Another major change in the writing instrument market is in the declining growth for pencil in replacement for ballpoint pens where competitions from top European brands are rife. Previously concentrating and settling mostly within Japanese market, Tombow will have to consider bringing the competition to the foreign competitors’ markets for expansion and a relook into traditional sub-contracting to be applied to different business settings and cultures. Tombow faces an upheaval task ahead to accommodate these changes especially when its financials are not as noteworthy. Financials

With reference to financial analysis of Tombow, we could draw up some observation in its financial performance and position for both 1989 and 1990, including the comparison with Mitsubishi:

Mitsubishi Tombow Year Profitability Ratio Gross Profit Margin Net Profit Margin Other income / net profit 35.5% 7% 6% 32.1% 2% 67% 1989


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