"Men and Women Merely Player" Critical Review

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The article, “Men and Women are merely players” is an exposure of human being are just like a piece of chess that follow the roles that has been pointed out by certain dominator. The excerpt by Robert Greene advocates that in a society there will be a social idea that would drive a person to follow the scripted roles. If we never realize such game from the beginning, then the tendency for us to be manipulated by mastermind that mad for power is high.


a. Today world resemble the theater that impose everything to appear acculturate, ethical, democratic and legitimate. But the chess pieces which presenting the human being is discouraged to play the game too naively as
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8.2. Men and women are merely players.
a. Life is like chess with pieces to runs the game. We, as the piece in chess game, struggle in playing the game in order to achieve the happy ending with the proper way.
b. By playing the game, we will get to distinguish the good and the bad thing throughout experiences.

9. IMPACT 9.1 Philosopher By reading through this excerpt, philosophers would gain a knowledge on the essential involvement of pretentiousness for a human to evolve to be something they wanted to be. 9.2 Naïve People The article provide a sufficient information on how a naïve people could turn the table of their life into something that far more controllable than the life that they lead now. 9.3 Historian This group of people may find that the excerpt is such an informative material and they will gain better insight on how past leaders could attain such position and on how they manipulate people to fight for them. 10. VISUAL LITERACY a. He is an example of a people who played his role in a wick manner which makes him dominated much of power, as he had used much of his cleverness and trickery. b. The picture of Machiavelli depicts of his subtle personality, which many people easily trusted him. c. Many of the philosophers refers to his picture in order to understand social intelligence that he had inside himself that he had manipulated major of


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