Medtronic External and Internal Analysis

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Strategic Audit Project
Part II: External and Internal Analysis Paper

Medtronic Inc. can easily be compared to le Concorde, a turbojet supersonic passenger airliner first flown in 1976. This jet was more than twice as fast as any other airliner ever created, flying at speeds of up to 1,350 mph. The capability to fly at more than twice the speed of a regular airliner equates to twice the flights and premium prices for this astonishing service. The resulting profitability of le Concorde is what puts this machine at the top of its class. In 1957, Medtronic founder Earl Bakken created Medtronic’s Pacemaker, the first wearable device to treat abnormally slow heart rates. The Pacemaker is now the staple product of Medtronic and can be
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Large portions of these markets are greatly underserved and demand is not being met. In addition, by diversifying into different geographic markets abroad, firms are able to mitigate the risks associated with being too dependent on the domestic market.
The emergence of globalization also introduces several threats that firms must be aware of. For one, the competitive landscape changes as companies establish operations sites in foreign countries. When this happens, the demand in export markets declines since customers can purchase devices locally. Exporting firms must then reevaluate their international strategies and consider establishing similar operations of their own. Another threat globalization brings is that of increased competition. Manufacturers constantly fight to expand their geographic reach and to gain control of underserved markets.
Given the effects of strong forces and emerging trends in the Medical Device Manufacturing industry, firms should strive to possess a key group of success factors in order to gain strategic competitiveness. The first factor is employees; they must be highly skilled and knowledgeable since the devices they design and produce are very complex. Second, economies of scale allow firms to improve profitability by reducing variable costs in manufacturing, which, in turn, lowers prices for customers. Third, as previously mentioned, the


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