Modelling a Frame Subjected to Multiple Loading Conditions

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Pin Jointed Frame

1st year school of engineering University of Warwick

Date Submitted: 8/01/2014


In this experiment the main aim was to modelling a frame subjected to multiple loading conditions and record how the force and strain vary to different loads. The frame represented a simple roof trusses and the loading conditions are similar to what a typical roof would undergo. In this experiment a universal fame was used with load cells to provide the load and digital force and strain instruments to record the data. As the load was increased the strain went up linear showing a linear relationship between loading and strain. After analysing results it was found that the
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Next apply a load of 500N to the load cell W1 by turning the handle anti clockwise then read the digital strain display for channels 1 to13 and record in the table. 4. Switching to channel 2 on the digital force display apply a load of 100N then read the digital strain display for channels 1 to13 and record in the table 5. Repeat steps 4 for loads 200N, 300N, 400N and 500N on load cell W2 6. After recording all values reduce the load to zero by rotating clockwise. 7. Using the values of strain for 500N load calculate their equivalent member forces How to use the strain to convert into force is described in the appendix (2)

4. Results and observations

4.1 Results

Angled loading

Multiple loading
The sum of experimental forces for loading of 500 N in loading 1 and 2 4.2 Observation
Allow the equipment to stabilise by waiting 5 minutes in order to eliminate and uncertainty due to heat affecting resistance values. There are no significant health and safety risks in this experiment.


A way in which to improve the results of the experiment would be to take repeat readings of the strain for each gauge at least three times in order to eliminate any anomalous results. Another addition would be having different loading conditions on the frame and see how they affect the two gauges EF and IJ as they experience any strain which could lead to the question are these members required and do