Hr Statistical Techniques

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HR Statistical Techniques
Dona Palermo
Donna Wyatt
January 23, 2012

HR Statistical Techniques

Ayles Networks is an IT networking company employing over 3,000 people across the Southwestern United States. Although, centrally located, the Human Resources (HR) office is up to 500 miles from several corporate offices. The HR department has been tasked with using HR statistical techniques to assess the effectiveness of current staffing, training, and HR assessments (University of Phoenix, 2011). The HR department will identify the type of data needed, the application of t-test, ANOVA, and regression analysis statistical techniques will be discussed and additional techniques will
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167). The cross tabulation can include the frequencies and should always include total sample size to substantiate reliability and to conduct additional statistical testing. Analyzing the number of employees taking a promotion assessment compared the actual number of promotions by position would provide data on the effectiveness of the assessment, training, and staffing levels. If the percentage of employees being promoted is significantly less than those taking the assessment, the organization must conduct further research to determine the cause. Frequency distributions are used to provide a summary of group data and are most often displayed as tables or histograms that provide understanding of the distribution shape. Frequency distributions provide “the actual number (or percentage) of observations that fall into a range or category” (McIntire & Miller, 2007, p. 140, para. 2). This method can be applied to assessment scores to analyze the pattern (i.e. number and percentage) of employees who scored between specific test score ranges. This is an efficient method of summarizing distribution values to identify possible training and assessment issues allowing for timely, proactive solutions rather than reactive and possibly inappropriate adjustments.

Conclusion Assessing the effectiveness of current staffing, training, and HR assessments is important to ensure individual and organizational success. In the case of Ayles


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