Mat201-Mod1-Case Assign1

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FEB 20, 2013

Module 1 - Case
Introduction to Probability Solve the following problems showing your work:
1. In a poll, respondents were asked whether they had ever been in a car accident. 177 respondents indicated that they had been in a car accident and 107 respondents said that they had not been in a car accident. If one of these respondents is randomly selected, what is the probability of getting someone who has been in a car accident?
2. The data set represents the income levels of the members of a country club. Find the probability that a randomly selected member earns at least
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If the teacher calls upon a student to answer a question, what is the probability that the student will be from Kenilworth?
- There are total of 44 students, 8 from Kenilworth. Probability that chosen student will be from Kenilworth will be 8 . 45

4. Find the probability of correctly answering the first 2 questions on a multiple choice test if random guesses are made and each question has 4 possible answers.
- The probability of answering the first 2 questions with 4 different answers each by guessing is 2 or 1 . 10 5

5. Of 1906 people who came into a blood bank to give blood, 300 people had high blood pressure. Estimate the probability that the next person who comes in to give blood will have high blood pressure.
- Based on the past events that have given us the data, the probability that the next person coming into the blood bank has high blood pressure is 5 , which is reduced form of 300 . 44 1906

In my conclusion, having a good understanding of probability can help you make better decisions and sort out the truth behind the numbers. Probability can also be used for fun. Game shows like Deal or No Deal rely


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