Abstinence Programs: Do They Work?

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Abstinence Programs:
Do they Work? In 2005, nearly half of all high school students have had sexual intercourse. Plainly stating that abstinence programs do not work (USA Today). Abstinence programs were beneficial many years ago, but since they are ineffective in delaying teen pregnancy, then teen pregnancy rate has increased. Abstinence programs teach the “no sex until marriage” clause, but they don’t teach teens about birth control and the consequences of having sex at before they’ve matured. Although many studies argue that abstinence programs are educational and beneficial, other studies will show that they don’t delay teen sex, they don’t prevent the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), and are a waste of taxpayers’
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Teens that have unprotected sex have a higher risk of HIV/AIDS, Herpes, and HPV, which are incurable diseases (Robert Rector). Even with abstinence programs, the STD rate is still increasing. A tiny, extremist minority in Congress is ensuring that the rate of teenage pregnancy and STDs remains unnaturally high (Alterman, Eric and Zornick). People who are affected with a disease often end up having low self esteem. Exactly 80% of those who had an STD felt “less confident” and “less desirable sexually” (Medical Institute for Sexual Health). Because
Is it a waste of taxpayers’ money? Many taxpayers’ are complaining that abstinence programs are ineffective in teaching what they say they would teach teens. Members of Congress cited government statistics showing 1 in 4 U.S. teenage girls have a STD and 30% of U.S. girls become pregnant before the age of 20 years old (Dunham).
Taxpayers want to have their money well spent on abstinence but the studies are showing otherwise. Scarce public dollars could be better spent on programs that already have been proven to achieve delays in sexual activity of any duration, rather than on programs that stress abstinence until marriage (Dailard).
Stating that the funding for abstinence programs is useless because teen are going to do what they want to do whether there are abstinence programs or not because of the environment they


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