Intent to Live

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“The intent to live, Achieving your true potential as an actor”, By Larry Moss
The book is referred to as intent to live because most of the great actors who perform the acting seem not to be acting but living. This is depicted on how they portray their act; very real from the eyes of the audience. Larry moss has described these instances in this book on how the actors can achieve this level of acting by sharing out the techniques he has developed for over thirty years. As per Larry Moss description, the techniques highlighted can help actors in setting their imagination, emotions and behaviors on fire. These shows how hard work of preparation is helpful in performances that will yield good fruits. This great
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These actors from the west coast are also mislead by believing that their performance will be primarily visual since they are deceived by believing that film is a visual medium always. This is a very wrong perception as per Larry Moss since a good actor should have nice vocals especially in live theatre. Vocal performances are very different from medium performance. In a live theatre, an actor is supposed to have a strong vocal ability and vocal energy that will fill the theatre. For an actor to achieve this goal, he should practice to be heard from that particular place. Being audible is a very key element in successful acting since the audience should be able to understand the complete idea the actors are passing across. In this context, Larry Moss is concerned about those young actors who tend to drop their vocal energy at the end of the line which cause the words to be missed by the audience. The actors who have this syndrome seem to talking to themselves but not the audience. As per this context, the scene is not about the actor but about the story and the audience in the theatre room. The audience should be able to understand and feel what the actor is saying. This will enable the audience to enjoy the message which the actor is putting across. For the actors to use theater in developing their voice and vocal expression, then they will have to learn to adjust their voices to