Feed Discussion Questions

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Zayed Bennani
Mr. Joseph Brunson
English 8
10 June 2013
Discussion Questions in Feed 1. GENERATION TITUS a. Not everybody can go to the moon or manage to pay for a trip. Spring Break and travelling will really change because of the upcoming generations. Their technology is so advanced than ours. b. Titus shows us his LACK of APPRECIATION when he feels that going to the moon is “null”. c. During our present days Hairstyles change within the Month or year but not within an hour. Nothing can cause lesions except bad hygiene or bad habits. This shows us that M.T Anderson has a really big imagination and a very realistic future vision. d. I think that it was childish when they started throwing hypodermic needles
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107)) w. 73% have money to have the feed but 27% don’t have enough money, and the decline of civilization compare this near ¾ majority in our own culture

6. PARENTING AND MANHOOD x. As time goes by parents do not care about their children anymore and do not even know what do with their children. This book depicts parenting styles in ways to which that I cannot relate. I consider it friendship. y. Titus’ father behaves very strangely and differently from parents nowadays. He only talks with Titus by m-chat and that means he doesn’t give him time. z. Titus’s mother needs Titus to stop calling his younger brother “Smell Factor,” because it is rude and disrespectful. She needs to order him to stop rather than asking him. {. He wants us to know how parenting and parents would look like in the future |. She said that he is stupid but in a indirect to not hurt his small feelings. }. They rewarded him with a car (DODGE), to make him feel special and intelligent which he is not. ~. Titus feels good of what he did for violet

7. Environmental Issues . There is pollution everywhere, they started sending trash to space since Earth is full of pollution and toxics that kill people. . I thought that the sun is gone and their no sun that gives them light. . They have to buy the latest things to fit in this corporate nation that