Computers and Digital Baasics

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1: Computers and Digital Basics
3. Facebook and Twitter are examples of social networking options. F
6. An operating system is an example of application software. F
7. Because of increased versatility, a videogame console is now considered a personal computer. f
8. The purpose of a server is to serve computers on a network. T
9. In the binary number system, 2 is used to represent the value 2. F
10. The number 9 can be considered a character. T
11. Because most digital devices are electronic, bytes take the form of electrical pulses. F
13. A compiler like the one shown in the accompanying figure converts all statements in a program to machine language in a single batch. T
14. An interpreter converts and executes one
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a. memory c. file name
b. file d. none of the above
22. An area of a computer that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed is ____.
a. CPU c. storage
b. memory d. a file
23. A set of computer programs that helps a person carry out a task is ____.
a. an operating system c. application software
b. system software d. Windows
24. A set of computer programs that helps a computer monitor itself and function more efficiently is ____.
a. a software suite c. application software
b. system software d. processing software
25. The master controller for all activities that take place within a computer is ____.
a. application software c. the operating system
b. system software d. the CPU
26. A(n) ____ is a microprocessor-based computing device designed to meet the computing needs of an individual. a. personal computer c. ALU
b. mainframe d. server
27. An ordinary personal computer that is connected to a network is a ____.
a. mainframe c. server
b. workstation d. console
28. A powerful desktop computer used for high-performance tasks is a ____.
a. mainframe c. server
b. workstation d. console
29. A compute-intensive problem runs on a ____.
a. server c. supercomputer
b. mainframe d. super PC
30. Data becomes ____ when it is presented in a format that people can understand and use.
a. information c. graphs
b. processed d. presentation
31. The type of data where text, numbers, graphics, sound, and video have been converted into discrete digits