1919 Black Sox Scandal

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The 1919 Black Sox Scandal
In 1919, eight of the Chicago White Sox allegedly threw the World Series. Charles Comiskey was the ruthless owner of the White Sox and was the main motive of the sox to throw the series. Chick Gandil was the first player to get involved and then he spread it to the other players on the team. The act by these players would be called the Black Sox Scandal. The Scandal nearly ruined America's pastime. The baseball commissioner, Judge Landis, banned all eight of the players for life. Based on how Joe Jackson played in the world series and how he was proven innocent in a court of law, he should be reinstated into baseball and be put in the hall of fame.
The owner of the Chicago White Sox was Charles Comiskey.
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(Lowitt 2)
The scandal was starting to become widespread in the world of gambling. Another gambler, Bill Burns became involved and met with Chick Gandil and Eddie Cicotte and he agreed to pay them another $100,000 to throw the series. (Linder 2) Well Gandil and Cicotte agreed and then Burns met with a huge gambler in New York City named Arnold Rothstein. (2) Rothstein told Burns that it couldn't work and that he should forget about it. Eventually Rothstein reconsidered and contacted Bill Burns and told him that he would pay the players for the fix. (1)
Arnold Rothstein failed to pay all the sox the complete amount he had promised. The White Sox were such a good team that they could win on command. (2) The White Sox ended up winning 3 games to threaten Rothstein and make sure they were paid in full. Joe Jackson played well in all eight games, he actually had the only homerun for either team. (Bisher 1) In the early years of baseball, they played a best of 9 game series. (SportsCenter 1) Joe Jackson and Buck Weaver were also the only two White Sox to go errorless for the series.
Joe Jackson's statistics were phenomenal for the World Series. Jackson had three doubles, six RBI's, and five runs. (Bisher 1) He also batted .375 throughout the World Series, which are MVP caliber statistics. (1) Jackson also led his team in nearly every category possible. Jackson also