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True / False
1. In event notification, a device is interrogated by a management tool, which collects certain targeted data. This is called polling
1. Failed CI cannot be called as incident if service performance does not degrade
2. As per ITIL, a ‘problem’ is defined as the case of one or more incidents
1. Failure of a Configuration Item not resulting in disruption of service is also called as an incident
2. Utility and Warranty can be explained as Increases performance average and Reduces performance variation
3. Improvement cannot be achieved without clear and unambiguous accountabilities
4. Release Window is same as Change Window
5. Release Management should update KEDB for all error which is
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Financial Management is responsible for
All of the above
26. Service Portfolio categorizes the risk in to following categories
All of the Above
27. Outcome of existing Service Portfolio analysis leads to
All of the Above
28. Core Objective of Service Improvement should be:
All the above
29. In Continual Service Improvement (CSI), Deming cycle is critical at following points
Both of the above
30. Demand Management is about
Both of them
31. Service Reporting is responsibility of
Both of the above
32. What are various cost involved in Continual Service Improvement (CSI) implementation
Both of the above
33. What are various types of change
All of the above
34. Change Impact Assessment is done based on
All of the above
35. Various release and deployment approach can be explained as
All of the above
36. Transition management is all about
Both of the above
37. Which of the following influences the scope of the initial Service Design?
All of the above
38. Service Operation tries to create balance between
All of the above

1. Which sub process of Capacity Management focuses on the IT Infrastructure that is used to support provision?
Component Capacity Management
2. Which type of external stakeholder of an IT service provider is the person or group who defines and agrees to the service level targets?
3. Which statement about IT Operations Management is CORRECT?
It is responsible for performing the daily activities needed to manage IT services and the


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